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  1. Need some help here, and maybe it's just because I don't understand how Google Apps works. My domain wwfry.org is set up here through TCH, everything is done here. We have some subdomains, and about a half dozen email addresses through here that are filtered to go to invidividual people. Recently someone in our organization set up an app for us at Google Apps. The domain they used to do it is wwfry.org. They wanted an email address, crew@wwfry.org, which they set up through Google. Surprise, surprise, it didn't go anywhere, since I set things up to send unknown addresses at my domain to go away. Google Tech Support suggested changing the MX records for it, but in reading the help page it looks like all mail going to wwfry.org gets rerouted to Google. I don't want that. As a stopgap, in order to make things work I created crew@wwfry.org, and pointed it to deliver to the people that wanted it. After communicating that concern to Google, they are now suggesting I set up either Split Delivery. Except I can't find a place in Cpanel to do what Google's help pages suggest I do. I'd really much rather forward crew@wwfry.org to point to whatever the real email address is on Google's side for the same address. Surely there is one! Should I set up MX records for one of my subdomains to be routed to Google instead? If I do this, will the main domain email be OK? I would tell crew@wwfry.org to point to crew@foo.wwfry.org to point to Google.
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