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  1. I would be interested in looking at that TS block that you have.
  2. Thanks guys, I submitted that ticket. Let's see how it goes. I have been with TCH for a while now and I have got to say the service is second to none. I just hope that you will be able to open a few ports that myself and several other gamers use daily. I always used to run a secondary server just for this purpose but with all the script kiddies and other exploits that are well known I just do not have the time anymore.
  3. I am guessing that I will not be able to query my server with the standard hosting package I have. I am running TS on a different server and just need to query (show who is online ), but it requires this port 51234 which is blocked on TCH. I would change it but the ISP I am using will not let me query 80,21,20,8080,etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  4. Found @ nukecops.com Anyone who has seen the fix already knows how it is possible I would fix this immediately! you can turn off the off-site avatar function or apply the fix located here ---------> http://www.nukecops.com/postp207259.html#207259
  5. Yeah, they were to busy finding a bigger exploit This is after the hot fix read the rest here http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1637596,00.asp
  6. I have asked for help everywhere including phpbb.com and smartor's site. If you know php or sql, please take a look. http://smartor.is-root.com/viewtopic.php?p=28810#28810 my site www.jfnorris.com
  7. not sure of the validity of this but worth noting http://www.overclockers.com/tips00479/ of course I am unaffected since I only own a peice of crap card but thought I would let you all know just in case I would probably bet that the new overdrive feature has something to do with it... It allows you to overclock your video card check out this article. http://www.simhq.com/_technology/technology_015a.html Looks like it only applies to newer ATI Cards.
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