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  1. Hello, like the others have mentioned, I'm getting a huge increase in spam. It's really annoying. I was going to try the antispam servant program, but I don't think it works on mac. Anybody have any good suggestions to get rid of all this spam on a mac? Preferably something free. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I reached the quota on my email account and I got a notice saying I was almost full. I increased the quota on my email account, but I want to delete the old emails that are sitting on the server. I just set up the aging and had my mac mail client set up so that it will delete emails after a month, but I still have a large number of megs of emails on my sever and I can't figure out how to delete them. Where can I find them in my cpanel and delete them? Thanks.
  3. Here is the link to my forum: http://www.controller7.com/forum/ I got the following email awhile ago, but hadn't acted on it yet. I didn't make any changes to my forum, so i don't know what happened. Once I saw this error message I went to my cpanel and downloaded the new version, but nothing has changed. Here is the email: Dear TotalChoice Customer, This notice is to inform you of the need to upgrade your phpBB forum software to the latest stable version, phpBB 2.0.17. This latest release of phpBB addresses several bugs and a number of exploits. Previous versions of
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