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  1. ok .... that worked its up and running now. Thanks
  2. Ok i have a new Question i built a basic page in DW and tested it But when i type my address it still goes to the Index page which shows all the files i loaded up .. but dosent show the Graphic page un till you click on the .HTM file. I think i am putting something in the wrong place, any Help?? Thanks Randy
  3. Yeah the Server is where i was talking about... THnaks
  4. i am New to this Site building thing and Dreamweaver too. Dreamweaver is asking me to pick a folder to store my files on the site, does anyone what folder i put these files in? Thanks Randy
  5. i all so notice in Cpanel in the manage your ftp accounts there are a few ftp accounts that dont show up on the public drive folder but they are there in the manage account area of Cpanel. How do i work them? Thanks Randy
  6. i'm trying to use the Create an FTP folder on the Cpanel interface. On there it puts all the folders in the public html folder. Or is there a way to lock the ftp folder so you cant get in to it with out a password? i'm trying to keep public traffic out of a ftp folder that a classmate and i use for uploading and storing.
  7. i would like to know if we can create an FTP folder on my site that is not in the public folder, you hidden from the web surfers, but can be accesed using a FTP program? Anything like that possible with Cpanel? Thanks Randy
  8. ok i have another question? i searched for something that i no longer have on my site, but google still pops it up as on of the search results. .... How do i stop that? Thanks
  9. i was checking my stats and i ran across this stat " Search Keyphrases" but i'm not sure what it is? is it people serching my site? i dont think i have a Search option on my Site. Can anyone tell me how that works and who it searching my site from where? Any Help would be great Thanks
  10. just to want to let you know that i found the problem it has nothing to do witth totalchoicehosting. it had to do with my Internet provider and my Firmware for my route. Problem solved thanks for the helps guys Thanks purgpow
  11. No im not Familiar with traceroute .. how do i do that? Thanks
  12. i Cant log on to my Domain " nogenius.com" it says that there is no such name. i cant reach it through Cpanel nor a FTP program .. is there a server problem? Help if you Can. Thanks
  13. He said that he would start the upload and GO do some other stuff and would come back to check on it and the upload was interupted a 5.4 megs. so he tried it again and it happpened again at 5.4 megs. I myself gave it a try and i had no problem with my FTP program. So it might be his Software ... I dont know. Thanks for the replys
  14. No my Friend said that the FTP account that i made for him on my sight would not let him upload any files bigger than 5 megs. the way i understood him is that the FTP acount on my site was limiting his upload. is there a setting on the FTP accounts that limit file transfer size?
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