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  1. I am using Custom DNS from dyndns.org and I am using their name servers. Right now I have A records pointing to the TCH ip and it is working ok. What is the best way to set this up? Should I set the name servers to totalchoice? Will that allow me to add more subdomains using dyndns and have them actually work? For example, have home.***.net point to a different ip Also, if I set my name servers to totalchoice, how should I set my A records in order for my subdomains in cpanel to work? Should I remove the subdomains that point to TCH ip at dyndns.org? Right now I have each subdo
  2. I have been having this problem as well. Thanks for the SPF tip.
  3. Does the IMAP daemon here support subfolders or is it limited because of CPanel?
  4. thanks for the support. I think i can do it. i set it up on my linux box, so it should be not _that_ difficult to do so here.
  5. I was looking at http://webmail.demo.hub.org/ and Im wondering if its possible for me to set up Horde in my account to get all the extra addons. If i put it into my account webspace i could change the look of it as well. Is it even possible for me to set it up seperate from the Horde that is installed on the server already?
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