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  1. Hi I can see the instructions to logon directly into horde and neo mail. I downloaded the script to logo into sqmail from a webapage, but I don't know the link I must use. I've tryed the defauly our.host.com/mail/src/redirect.php (obviously I relpaced your.host.com with my own) and didn't work. What do you suggest me?
  2. chevy


    Hi Two questions 1. I can't find the cgi-sys folder. 2. How can I configure formmail te delivery the messages thru my own SMTP instead tch. I'm a reseller, so I want to appear the user SMTP appear as the sender.
  3. Thank you folks Thumbs Up Very much.
  4. Hi I can't find the field to input the text in Formmail. I've read the Matt's readme and faqs. Found the subject, from, e-mail field, but not the main text area to write the message. Please someone help me
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