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  1. ok i changed all passwords for all the email acct's & cpanel, but do not know where to change/find the database pw. the site was provisioned and i reloaded an older clean backup i had. Worked fine for a day, then the script from the bad guys is back. where is the security hole? the only thing i know is they add a getimage.php file to the images folder.
  2. Howdy TCH Gurus. It seems my simple website has been compromised and I come to you seeking help. I have tried to delete a few folders thru ftp and cpanel. they will not fully delete. I would like to nuke the whole site and start from scratch to get rid of all the malicious things... As a n00b when it comes to website stuff, is there anything i shouldnt delete? any advice would be appreciated. the site is prgsouth.com but proceed w/ caution
  3. prgdod


    hello, being a total n00b i was wondering if one of you guru's could tell me if it is my computer that is infected or something else ( i ran a virus scan, nothing!) i have been getting over 200 emails like the sample below, i understand it is undeliverable email all have different email names that dont even exist! my site is prgsouth.com but no such accounts like Glenna155@prgsouth.com were created by me or anyone else. what gives?
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