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  1. Movable Type's new 3.11 release has scheduled posting, which means many people will be running an MT script from crontab. What interval should I set for my script? I don't update my site too much, so I think 30 minutes or an hour should be fine for me. I want to be nice to the servers.
  2. The expiration date on my card is correct, and it's in the future. I checked my bulk e-mail folder and I received nothing from TCH support. Can someone please look into my problem now? I know my site isn't that important and I only pay $4 for hosting, but it has been suspended with absolutely no notice.
  3. Yes, I used a valid e-mail address outside of my domain. I did not mistype it, I went back through the browser history and checked.
  4. I know this probably isn't the place for this, but my site was suspended with no notice given, and nobody is responding to my support ticket. I haven't even received the email confirmation. Is something going on at TCH? The site is jimmysquid.com on server37. I'm billed through mypaysystems. An interesting thing, I see two charges for $0.00 on 8/10 and 8/15. There should be a $4.00 charge for the hosting but it's not there. I never received an August invoice in my e-mail. Never received a declined notice either. My credit card is valid. If there's a problem with MyPaysystems, please restore my site immediately and switch me to a different billing provider. TCH support, please e-mail or PM me as soon as possible.
  5. Thank you Rob. Secure FTP is a feature I'm interested in since I use unsecured hotspots sometimes.
  6. Is there any way to copy files to my account securely? SFTP and SCP don't seem to work. I've tried using SmartFTP and WinSCP as clients. Only unencrypted FTP seems to go through.
  7. I was wondering, is it possible to have more than one domain pointing to the same account? My father has two domains that we want to consolidate, but we'll still keep both the names, we just want them to point to different "gateway" pages on the same web site. We don't want two separate hosting accounts for this, we just want to make the domains point to different starting pages. Is this possible with Total Choice Hosting? I'm not trying to have two totally different sites, I just want the domains to point to the same site and probably use a script to determine which domain the user is trying to hit. Also I haven't taken the time to say, TCH has been hosting my domain jimmysquid.com for 2 months and service has been perfect. What a change from my first webhost. Thanks so much, and keep it up!
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