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  1. Hi, I wanted to try Dadamail but it fails with Internal Server 500 error after installing from cPanel's Softaculous. Error logs seemed to point to the version of Perl on the server not being current enough. The Dadamail configuration file "Config.pm" has the following line: use v5.10.1; The version of Perl on the server (Alderaan) is 5.8.8 Here is the error message: Perl v5.10.1 required--this is only v5.8.8, stopped at /home/planets/public_html/cgi-bin/dada//DADA/Config.pm line 2. Is there anyway that Perl can be updated on the server or do I need to create a support ticket??? I would really like to try this email program for my customer lists. Thanks! Paul
  2. This problem has been affecting my site for about a week. I'm "happy" to know that I am not the only one affected. I wiped my site and reinstalled Simple Machines Forum as well as Mantis Bug Tracker (both php based apps). The problem went away for a couple of days but now it is back again. After surfing through a few pages on the site you will eventually get redirected to an "antivirus warning page". I am on alderaan. Domain is PlanetSquires.com I really hope that someone can figure this out. Lots of my customers are emailing. Thanks, Paul
  3. I just went through the 'reseller' upgrade experience and I have to say that it was the most painless experience ever! A big thanks goes out to to TCH tech, Tom Duncan, who dealt with my questions extremely fast! I can now host all of my domains under one billing account and add more domains as I need as time goes by. TCH rocks! You have a customer for life.
  4. Thanks for the fast response - I appreciate it. I'll stick with TCH.
  5. I have several TCH accounts and pay a monthly fee for each. I noticed that ***** is offering plans whereby you can have as many domains as you want use the the same hosting space as long as you don't exceed your hosting space/usage per month. I have many domains with relatively low traffic so this has attracted my interest. A simple fee of $6 or $7 per month for all of my domains is very economical versus $4 to $5 for each of my domains on TCH. My question: Does TCH have a plan similar to that? I hate to ask this because I love my TCH experience - it has been very good to me... however, dollar and cents make other alternatives attractive as well. Thanks!
  6. I have Spam Assassin enabled for my site. My question: Will TotalChoice be updating Spam Assassin to the latest version that was just released yesterday, or is it too early to be asking? http://spamassassin.apache.org/ Rock Sign
  7. Thanks guys, it is now pointing back to the correct site. I guess that time is all it needed. Thumbs Up
  8. Hi Everyone, I moved from IExpressHost to TotalChoiceHosting on Thursday, August 28, 2003. IExpressHost suddenly went back on-line today (Saturday, August 30). Strange thing is that my old site appeared this morning when I tried to view my site (http://www.planetsquires.com). I changed the Nameserver entries two days ago and yesterday planetsquires.com resolved to TCH. So, why is the old host now mysteriously showing???? I checked the Whois record and it is showing the Nameservers for my TCH.... I even deleted the entries and re-added them just to be sure. I cleared my brower's cache as well. Anyway, I deleted everything off of my old site and put up a short message indicating that the site had moved in case this is just a lag in DNS updating (would that be the reason???) Is this just a case where I have to wait it out until DNS entries propagate throughout the net??? What concerns me is that all day yesterday planetsquires.com took me to the TCH hosted site, and today it doesn't. I'll never understand all this internet stuff. Thanks, Paul
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