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  1. Hi all! I have an existing PHP/MySQL calendar script that I've written that I would like to add more functionality to. One of the things I'd like to do with it is to have the ability to e-mail scheduled event reminders to people. Basically, I'd like to enter an event into the calendar, select it to also be sent as a reminder X number of days before the event happens, and have it automatically sent at the specified time to a list of people's e-mail addresses who have expressed interest in receiving news. The calendar is edited through a custom PHP interface designed for non-technical folks. That part of it I have covered, but the part I'm not sure of is how to get this PHP script to schedule and execute the mailing of the reminders, and also how to send it to a list of recipients. I looked at the mailing list function in cpanel, but it seems over complex for what I need. I don't need (or want) the recipients to be able to mail each other. I'd kind of like it to work like the e-mail reminder you get from this forum when someone replies to your subscribed topic. Any thoughts on how I could go about this? Thanx!
  2. FileManager in Cpanel through HTTPS sounds like a great idea. Thanks!! Sorry for the late repsonse... apparently my notification e-mail of repsonses to this topic is not making it through (probably being filtered by my ISPs glorious spam filters... basically I only get I AM A SPAMMER e-mail and most of my important mail is hit-and-miss )
  3. I know that the basic FTP protocol is rather insecure (passwords are sent unencrypted and such), but beyond that I don't know much about it. I was wondering if there is a secure method of transferring files to my sites, or if your server supports some form of secure FTP protocols (and if so, what software do I need to get to utilize them?) Rock Sign
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