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  1. Thanks Bruce, but it's not email that's the problem, just the fact that they visit the site. No problem - didn't think there was much I could do. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, Don't think this is possible, but worth asking. One of the sites I run is a charity facebook group, but a large number of people join via the associated website. Big problem with daily spam posts selling fake Ugg boots and Vuitton handbags - all with different domains, bit all domains included the word "Ugg" or "Vuitton". I know nothing can be done on the Facebook side of things, but is there are a way to block visitors originating from domains including those keywords? All ip's are different too which is why I think it can't be done, but thought I'd check just in case there is a solution! Thanks, Alistair
  3. Just wanted to thank TCH for the speedy and effective responses I've had from support. Signed up for a reseller account yesterday and there were two separate issues with getting things working properly. Two tickets later (both dealt with quickly) and all is well Thanks, Alistair.
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