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  1. Does not help, tried a few times. Is there any other SPAM detection software I can set up on my domain? Between Spam Assassin and Norton Security, most of the spam e-mails get intercepted on my PC. However, I'm still getting hundreds of spams a day to my iPhone from my server. Any thoughts besides Spam Assassin? Thanks, Rick
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a try and see if it helps. When I do check the spam folder online once a day, it wracks up about 150-200 spams a day.
  3. Hi, I have Span Assassin set to 1. I'm still getting so much spam it's the majority of my e-mail. Besides changing my e-mail address, is there another way to get rid of Spam? My Outlook filter is also set pretty high. Are there any third-party services or something I could try? Thanks, Rick
  4. Hi, I've been getting a new kind of spam I can't figure out how to stop. SPAM Assassin does not seem to stop it either. I'm now getting spam addressed to me but from no sender. Any ideas how to stop it? Thanks, Rick
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I've actually been on the forums intermittently for more than 10 years, way back before the new forum "style." My spam problem seems to be fixed now. Apparently it was not enabled on the server my domain is on. But, it seems fixed now. Thanks, Rick
  6. Thanks, I just submitted a support ticket.
  7. I really need some help, please. I have Spam Assassin set at 1, but I continue to get hundreds of spams a day. What else can I do? Please don't suggest "change to a new e-mail account." Help!
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