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  1. btc is my isp, i had just never heard of getting internet without using modem. if this is so, then i just saved money for a modem. that's good news. thanks for the help
  2. ok, i called them back and they said i do not need a modem or anything, since i already have an ethernet jack. i have high speed internet with them. although i dont consider 12mbps fast.she said all i have to do is connect through the ethernet jack straight into my wifi router and all will be good. i always thought you needed modem to get internet. what gives? am i missing something? like i said in my earlier post, i have fiber optic to my house, no cable since i dont watch tv, or satellite. can anyone help me understand this?
  3. ill call em tomorrowwhen i pay my monthly bill
  4. i have used vonage modem for 7 years, i do not have cable or satelite . my question is,what type of modem do i need to have in order to have my internet back. i have fiber optic to house but the lady at the isp said i dont need a modem. this doesnt sound right to me. my modem has always been first then to wifi router. but since vonage modem was hooked up with phone line, will a regular modem be able to hook up to phone line to give me internet or will i need them to run line inside house so i can use regular modem? i dont need vonage anymore since all my phones are cells now. i just need to know what steps to take so i can continue to have internet. any and all help will be appreciated. thanks
  5. ive been using vonage modem for 7 years. im getting rid of it. i dont have cable tv or satellite. vonage modem was hooked up with phone line. what type of modem do i need and will it work off of same phone line that vonage came in on?
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