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  1. Hi! I wanna created a subdomain for a friend and create an ftp account for her that so that she doesn't have access to the main files of the site. How do I do this. ie- her sudomain is layouts.thegifted1.net and I don't want her to have access to the various other folders. Thanks!
  2. Installing Perl Modules

    Hi! So livejournal.com is giving out it's script for free. I got the script, I'm not sure what to do with it. I was reading the directions and it said something about installing perl modules, what do that mean? Thanks, Anna
  3. Mailing Lists

    Thanks! I wasn't worried about my lists, well maybe a little bit, but I was more confused anything. I might have another question later but we'll see how things go. Annabelle
  4. Mailing Lists

    Hey I was wondering what the deal was with the mailman server. I went to this link http://www.thegifted1.net/mailman/admin and it says that I have a whole bunch of mailing lists that I didn't even start. So I went to my control panel to try to get rid of them but they didn't show up on the control panel. Thanks, Annabelle