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  1. Anyone, As you can see by the date on this thread I originally asked how to close my TCH account days ago. I received a reply on this thread and followed those instructions. After contacting the above link requesting that my account be closed I received another email: To: eFashion2Go Subject: [ALS-51706]: Close my account. From: "Rick" <cancellations@totalchoicehosting.com> Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 14:43:01 -0500 Close my account. If you wish to cancel your TCH account, you will need to send an email to: cancellations@totalchoicehosting.com and include in the email: Your domain name Your username and password First and last name of the Account holder Thank you for choosing Total Choice Hosting where choice does matter! Rick rick@totalchoicehosting.com Technical Support Services Manager Total Choice Hosting So, I resent my information again to this link and haven't heard anything back from anyone. However, I was billed today. I should NOT have been billed. I want my account closed and I want the charge reversed. Thank you, Tara PS-Anyone reading this I'm closing my account because I do not know how to use the services offered and NOT because there is anything wrong with TCH. I have always found this to be an excellent site. I'm also confident that the billing error will be corrected promptly. TCH is great!
  2. Hello, I want my account closed but I don't see where to close it. Will someone please tell me how to close my account? TCH is great! It's just that I don't understand how to do any of this and can't see the point in paying for a service I don't understand how to use. Okay, I'd like to know soon. Tara eFashion2Go
  3. Here is my template/website that I've been working on so far. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/efashion2go/ Traditional colors of red, white and blue with a few search boxes and pics, I'll also add a few links. How does it look so far? I'm NOT tech savvy at all. I mean, I lost the volume control on my computer and I could not figure out how to put it back on my task bar, lol. Anyway, I need some help understanding how to create a logo, buttons, etc. Where's Digirunt when you need him! Lol, I haven't heard back from him in a looooong time, I either chased him off with to many requests or he's busy. I have a trial version of PSP and some program like it called, PrintMaster by Broderbund. Can I create a cool logo with these and if I can, how do I do it? All help is appreciated, thanks! Tara
  4. RJSkon, OMG, how did you do that? Thumbs Up I tried the CSB and couldn't figure out how to use it ... Duh. I really cannot believe how nice everyone is here, I mean, you people are the best! I'm really overwhemled with your kindness, time and effort on my behalf. I can't begin to tell you how many nights I've stayed up long after putting my son to sleep trying to figure out how to create a website. Not some goofy looking site but one like you see while browsing other sites, one that looks as professional as other sites you see but is personalized to your tastes. Your so fortunate to understand how to put it all together, it must be a lot of fun creating them once you understand how to do it. I'm an artist, and I think I'd go nuts creating sites if I knew how to do it. So, many options available for expression and functionality. Where and how did you get those matching graphics? Lol, as much as I'd love to use them, I better not. Gotham City Online is a monster on eBay and I don't think they'd like it if I used their graphics, no matter how tempting. I'm amazed that you did that though, it's to cool! Digirunt is helping me too. Gosh, I cannot believe it ... all of this help, you guys are gonna make me tear up ... I was going bonzo trying to figure out something. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and couldn't stand looking at my less than stellar attempts at making a site, lol ... yuck. In my minds eye, I invision a site that is easy to navigate, and has excitment in it's content, a little drama, it really pulls you in. Artistic, themed and fun! Now, from there, well, that's the thing, how do I do this? I'm selling fashion, my company name is; eFashion2Go. My tagline/slogan is; "Satisfy your passion for fashion!" I live in fabulous, Las Vegas, Nevada. My favorite color is a rich shade of purple but it doesn't have to be purple. I'd enjoy the colors purple, gold, black, and crisp white, hints of green. However, that red template in my previous post is oh, so SEXY! So, a red theme is nice too. I'd really like to incorporate a butterfly (wings slowly opening/closing) somehow, whether attached to my company name (on the 2 or F?), eFashion2Go or somewhere that carries through my site and company theme. Butterflies hold a very special meaning to me, as do violets. Pssst, the two remind me of my grandmother, who in my mind is the person who taught me ... love. Sorry, getting, gushy. However, if not careful, the site ends up looking like a goofy butterfly/flower site. Lol, believe me I know. I like the dramatic fashion photos added as well and a flash header is a dream. The words that describe what I want to feel when viewing my site would be, classy, professional, dramatic, magical, sexy, desire, inviting, addicting, hip, cool, youthful, popular, original, unique, enduring, memorable, satisfying, delicious. I mean, if I knew how to do it ... I'd go all out. Okay, okay, I'm waving bye-bye to Tattoo, I know, I'm on Fantasy Island and the boat is leaving the dock, lol but one can dream, right? Hey, I don't know what you want to do with regard to helping me, I can see that there are extremely nice and talented people here and I feel fortunate to be a part of TCH, lol, I'm the lucky one, I have these great people helping me create, my dream. I mean, really, that's what it is, my site represents, me and my dream. I hope that I don't offend anyone along the way, with regard to creativity. Like I mentioned before, I really can't believe how kind everyone is and how your offering your help without asking for anything in return, it's overwhelming, and very refreshing ... lots of mean, grumpy people out there. Thank you doesn't seem fitting enough but it's all I can offer, thank you. Have a great weekend all! Tara eFashion2Go PS-What are good, easy to read books about creating websites? I should still educate myself on this subject. I don't aspire to be a guru but don't want to be inept either. Suggestions? Costs?
  5. Good morning, everyone! Actually, I never went to sleep, I'm up looking for examples of web/pages/sites for Digirunt, who is being kind and helping me with ... The CREATION! Okay, while surfing for clip art, etc, I came across places like this, heck, I had no idea there were/are places like this. Here are a few examples. I don't like everything about them but I have to begin somewhere, right? BUTTERFLIES: http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=72&tt= FASHION/BEAUTY: http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=32&tt= http://www.boxedart.com/phpshop/members.ph...81&prodid=14595 http://www.boxedart.com/phpshop/members.ph...81&prodid=14542 http://www.boxedart.com/phpshop/members.ph...81&prodid=14521 http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_n...&nt=yes&level=0 http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_n...&nt=yes&level=0 http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_n...&nt=yes&level=0 FLASH: (Oooooooh, RED!) http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_n...&nt=yes&level=0 eCommerce: http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s...7.jpg&img=8&tt= Weird LSD Colors: http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=16&tt= Okay, I've surfed the net and these are a few I found. I discovered one I really like but got bumped off line and couldn't remember the name of the site. What do you think? Hey, once this site is up, how will I add products to the pages? Is it really difficult? Once it's there, is it easier to understand? Gulp, I hope. Alright, let me know what you guys/gals think. I'm taking a poll, hehehe. Company Name is: eFashion2Go Tagline is: Satisfy your passion for fashion! I'll tell you what I'm partial to after I check out your feedback. Thanks 4 everything, your the BEST! Tara eFashion2Go
  6. Jimuni, Yes, it is a very nice page and he is being very nice in helping me. digigrunt, I see you write poetry too, hey, this is way cool! Okay, here is a poem I wrote back in 1994, I went through a series of experiences that challenged everything I believed in from love to myself. As it turned out, I became a better and wiser person. Sometimes, the saying, no pain, no gain rings true in more ways than one. So, here it is, hope you like it. Of Your Choice See them move, here them shift According to your every wish, Perceptions. Yesterday this, tomorrow that Insanely they judge insanity, In a mad attempt to justify it's reality. A free Will comes with choices, You can create from only one, of two inner voices. Today which would you hear? Of your choice There is love or fear, Choose! To remember or forget. Tara-1994 Okay, "now" I'm off hunting for my graphics and what not. PS-I haven't written in years and use to love to write, so you see, you've inspired me to write again, a double-good deed.
  7. Digirunt, I have another browser open to my email with instructions on how to cancel. I'm not a quitter by any means but the cpanel and design issues has me overwhelmed and I figured I could learn it and then come back later and try it again. Of course, later might be awhile when everything your reading looks like another language. I thought I'd come here one last time to see if I could find a solution, and then I saw your reply, saint52 sums it up pretty well. It is extremely kind of you to offer your time and effort on my behalf, and without asking for anything in return. To tell you the truth, I cannot believe it, wow. You just whip up pages, 1,2,3, lol, I'm jealous. Okay, I will stay, I have a saint helping me, how can I fail? Is it alright if I look around for visual examples of what I see in my minds eye to try and convey what I wish I could create? I certainly, don't want to offend you by being "picky" and I don't want to waste your time either with you trying to guess. Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't I figure out a logo that can be the foundation of a theme within the site? Kind of carried through entire site? Right? Remember I don't know much about technical aspects but know art and have an eye. Gosh, I'm getting excited now, even smiling! I still can't believe your going to help me, I mean, so many people are so damn grumpy and don't want to be bothered these days, thanks you! I'm rambling now, so should I gather a bunch of graphics as you mentioned and colors, etc? My Yahoo ID is magie_noire8. Okay, closing my email browser and off to look for pics, etc. Yea! Happy, happy ... me.
  8. Digirunt and crew, Thanks for getting back to me. I really like the Gotham City Online site, it's functional, and ties into their name, I like the whole theme idea. I'm an artist so, this appeals to me. However, I'm just starting out and I'm still in the process of getting the financial backing to buy in bulk as these sites are doing. So, for now, a one page site like MJR would be fine but I eventually I would want a complete "About Me" page that links to an off site website. Did that make any sense? I don't really care for the look of MJR, not very attractive but that could be redone. I have absolutely no idea how to create anything. I know, very basic html but would be willing to learn more if I could get a result. I've been dying to create a theme, create a banner, and all but have no idea of how to go about doing this. I've been to Google looking for sites that offer free services to create these things but can't find any. I found CityMax.com and it was fun goofing around but who wants to pay their price or belong to them? I wish you could just buy whatever it is they are using to create sites and just pop it into your computer and go with it but I can't find anything. Does anyone know what they are using? Where you basically fill in the blanks and tweek it here and there. I thought about trying to create a site there and then cut/paste it and then rearrange it but I don't even know if that's legal or how to do it if it is legal. I cannot afford to pay anyone big bucks to create a site for me and I HATE giving up the artistic control for something so personal. My company's name is, eFashion2Go. My tagline is, "Satisfy your passion for fashion." I don't know, my fav color is purple, purple seems to be a natural with the word "passion", butterflies hold a personal and special meaning for me, as do violets. I don't want a goofy, flower and butterfly webpage/website though, lol. Sigh, it's very frustrating to want to create a website and not know how. Even if I did know how to do it, then how do I get it transfered to the webspace? OMG, the cpanel is beyond weird to me. I mean, what the hell is all of that stuff ... You see, I'm doooooooomed Lol! If you want to be kind enough to lend your time and energy trying to help me see the light I would appreciate it but I don't know, can I be helped? Lol, I was actually going to cancel but saw your post and I'm willing to try. Okay, very basic then, where can I go or what do I do to create a banner? That's crawling, right? Let me know, thanks. I really appreciate everyone's time and effort on my behalf. Tara eFashion2Go
  9. I'm at the osCommerce website forum boards, maybe they can set me on the right path, one can hope. Thanks, Tara
  10. Anyone, I'm at the osCommerce website. I'm checking it out and trying to learn about it, understand it. I really just want to create, personalize and get a store up and running. If this is already installed into our cpanel, if this is correct, then how do we access it and create a store front? I don't mind educating myself about all of this, however, I don't want to take weeks, months trying to figure it all out, I'm not interested in becoming a guru. I want to learn the basics, have a general understanding, and get it done! So, tell me about this osCommerce and what I need to do to create a store. STEP 1) ? STEP 2) ? STEP 3) ? ... and so on, and so on ... if this is already located in detail on these boards just point me in the right direction. I appreciate all of your help, thanks. Tara
  11. Anyone, I cannot seem to get it right, sigh, I can't figure out "how to" use CSB. Anyway, these are a few examples of what I want to accomplish in a page set up, of course, colors and what not would be different. This one is, okay. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/mjrsales/ This one is a more basic. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/evalueville/ I really, love this one! http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/gothamcityonline/ It's creative, has a cool theme and is informative and functional. So, if I can figure out how to build a website with CSB great but I want to do one like Gotham City's webpage, can it be done using CSB? I'm about to chuck it and give up, it's very difficult to understand and also very time consuming. If I were getting somewhere, I'd keep going and trying but so far, it's beyond me and I'm running out of patience. Thanks in advance, Tara
  12. Anyone, Hello, I keep trying to log into my cpanel but it won't login. I've even used the welcome email links and it still won't log in. Also, is there a book or somewhere to go to learn the basics? I mean, I really don't understand much once I'm inside and can view my cpanel. The cgi scripts, we can get a script and then add/load it to our site? How do I do this? I've been looking at some scripts and that little bit of coding runs an entire page or whatever, like a classified script. It's hard to believe that it does that but I guess it does, please let me know. Well, I'm either going to learn this or chuck it. I appreciate your help, thanks. Tara
  13. I cannot login to my cpanel. The page never loads and then when it does it denies access. Here I go again. Tara
  14. What are your feelings about this product? http://www.evrsoft.com/ Is it any good? I cannot figure CSB out. Of course, I can't figure a lot of it out. Thanks, Tara
  15. Anyone, ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED You know what that means? ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED This actually, means ... H - E - L - P Okay, guys, I know your out there. Thanks, Tara
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