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  1. Anyone, As you can see by the date on this thread I originally asked how to close my TCH account days ago. I received a reply on this thread and followed those instructions. After contacting the above link requesting that my account be closed I received another email: To: eFashion2Go Subject: [ALS-51706]: Close my account. From: "Rick" <cancellations@totalchoicehosting.com> Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 14:43:01 -0500 Close my account. If you wish to cancel your TCH account, you will need to send an email to: cancellations@totalchoicehosting.com and include in the e
  2. Hello, I want my account closed but I don't see where to close it. Will someone please tell me how to close my account? TCH is great! It's just that I don't understand how to do any of this and can't see the point in paying for a service I don't understand how to use. Okay, I'd like to know soon. Tara eFashion2Go
  3. Here is my template/website that I've been working on so far. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/efashion2go/ Traditional colors of red, white and blue with a few search boxes and pics, I'll also add a few links. How does it look so far? I'm NOT tech savvy at all. I mean, I lost the volume control on my computer and I could not figure out how to put it back on my task bar, lol. Anyway, I need some help understanding how to create a logo, buttons, etc. Where's Digirunt when you need him! Lol, I haven't heard back from him in a looooong time, I either chased him off with to man
  4. RJSkon, OMG, how did you do that? Thumbs Up I tried the CSB and couldn't figure out how to use it ... Duh. I really cannot believe how nice everyone is here, I mean, you people are the best! I'm really overwhemled with your kindness, time and effort on my behalf. I can't begin to tell you how many nights I've stayed up long after putting my son to sleep trying to figure out how to create a website. Not some goofy looking site but one like you see while browsing other sites, one that looks as professional as other sites you see but is personalized to your tastes. Your
  5. Good morning, everyone! Actually, I never went to sleep, I'm up looking for examples of web/pages/sites for Digirunt, who is being kind and helping me with ... The CREATION! Okay, while surfing for clip art, etc, I came across places like this, heck, I had no idea there were/are places like this. Here are a few examples. I don't like everything about them but I have to begin somewhere, right? BUTTERFLIES: http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.com/tour/IFPro/s....jpg&img=24&tt= http://www.basictemplates.co
  6. Jimuni, Yes, it is a very nice page and he is being very nice in helping me. digigrunt, I see you write poetry too, hey, this is way cool! Okay, here is a poem I wrote back in 1994, I went through a series of experiences that challenged everything I believed in from love to myself. As it turned out, I became a better and wiser person. Sometimes, the saying, no pain, no gain rings true in more ways than one. So, here it is, hope you like it. Of Your Choice See them move, here them shift According to your every wish, Perceptions. Yesterday this, tomorrow that In
  7. Digirunt, I have another browser open to my email with instructions on how to cancel. I'm not a quitter by any means but the cpanel and design issues has me overwhelmed and I figured I could learn it and then come back later and try it again. Of course, later might be awhile when everything your reading looks like another language. I thought I'd come here one last time to see if I could find a solution, and then I saw your reply, saint52 sums it up pretty well. It is extremely kind of you to offer your time and effort on my behalf, and without asking for anything in return. To tell you
  8. Digirunt and crew, Thanks for getting back to me. I really like the Gotham City Online site, it's functional, and ties into their name, I like the whole theme idea. I'm an artist so, this appeals to me. However, I'm just starting out and I'm still in the process of getting the financial backing to buy in bulk as these sites are doing. So, for now, a one page site like MJR would be fine but I eventually I would want a complete "About Me" page that links to an off site website. Did that make any sense? I don't really care for the look of MJR, not very attractive but that cou
  9. I'm at the osCommerce website forum boards, maybe they can set me on the right path, one can hope. Thanks, Tara
  10. Anyone, I'm at the osCommerce website. I'm checking it out and trying to learn about it, understand it. I really just want to create, personalize and get a store up and running. If this is already installed into our cpanel, if this is correct, then how do we access it and create a store front? I don't mind educating myself about all of this, however, I don't want to take weeks, months trying to figure it all out, I'm not interested in becoming a guru. I want to learn the basics, have a general understanding, and get it done! So, tell me about this osCommerce and wha
  11. Anyone, I cannot seem to get it right, sigh, I can't figure out "how to" use CSB. Anyway, these are a few examples of what I want to accomplish in a page set up, of course, colors and what not would be different. This one is, okay. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/mjrsales/ This one is a more basic. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/evalueville/ I really, love this one! http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/gothamcityonline/ It's creative, has a cool theme and is informative and functional. So, if I can figure out how to build a website with CSB great but I want to do one
  12. Anyone, Hello, I keep trying to log into my cpanel but it won't login. I've even used the welcome email links and it still won't log in. Also, is there a book or somewhere to go to learn the basics? I mean, I really don't understand much once I'm inside and can view my cpanel. The cgi scripts, we can get a script and then add/load it to our site? How do I do this? I've been looking at some scripts and that little bit of coding runs an entire page or whatever, like a classified script. It's hard to believe that it does that but I guess it does, please let me know.
  13. I cannot login to my cpanel. The page never loads and then when it does it denies access. Here I go again. Tara
  14. What are your feelings about this product? http://www.evrsoft.com/ Is it any good? I cannot figure CSB out. Of course, I can't figure a lot of it out. Thanks, Tara
  15. Anyone, ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED You know what that means? ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED This actually, means ... H - E - L - P Okay, guys, I know your out there. Thanks, Tara
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