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  1. A friend of mine made a image uploader php script for my site www.bigmound.com/comart but we can't get it to work on my server. Is there some obvious thing that we should know?
  2. I'm trying to set up this php thing and it needs an absolute path to my folder www.bigmound.com/public_html/filemound so... what would that be?
  3. that does the same thing. i need to set the height instead of the widthi think. it still stretches down with whay you did.
  4. ok nevermind.. it still stretches the menu when i leave them in a cell next to a bigger cell.. and i cant find where you type to the right of the navigation bar on the squackle code
  5. ah i was being stupid.. each button on the menu doesnt need a cell... bleh. thanks.
  6. i have the basic $4 a month deal.. i'm guessing that's not a reseller..?
  7. so if i did the reseller thing i could have squackle.com go to www.bigound.com/squackle ?
  8. i want to transfer a url, www.squackle.com, to a directory i have on my space. so what needs to happen so that i can do that?
  9. that just made a 1x2 table... i mean kind of like http://www.talkgaming.com/~squackle/
  10. im trying to make a navigation bar on the side of my site. its a list of pictures that link to different parts of the site (www.bigmound.com). i tried putting everyhing in a table, so theres 2 rows in the first column for the navigation bar, and one row in the second, for the content. but it stretches the navigation bar if the content is longer. i'm using dreamweaver by the way. is this easier with frames? i dont get how you use them. it saves 3 files, the frame set, the navigation frame, and the content frame.. so how would i make both frames appear on my index?
  11. ive used geocities and angelfire before and this is a little more complicated.. how do you make the index? the page that shows up when you do www.bigmound.com right now i'm uploading everything with ftp onto my public_ftp folder.. is that the right place? thanks..
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