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  1. @ Thomas Yes, the other discussion is how I got here, by googling the question. But on that discussion, no final solution is mentioned. It is just left up in the air. Wish I knew how to get in touch with the person who was having the problem so I could ask what she eventually did. @ Bruce I recently cleared my cookies. I guess I need to figure out how to clear history and cache... Thanks Lois
  2. I keep getting an error message on various websites I go to stating, "Welcome to NGINX." Later when I went back I could get onto the sites. Yet it became more and more frequent until I quit using Firefox and went to Google. Now it has started showing up again on Google. I do not know what NGINX is, but I know I do not use it. My sense is that it is nefarious. In googling this question I found an old discussion on this topic here at your forum, but with no answer as to the resolution. I am having the same problem. I have a small business at home on my personal computer with a server
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