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  1. Hi, apologies in advance for the formatting.. hopefully this helps as an adjunct to the documentation, this is how I successfully installed mambo.. hope it helps you. Mambo installation 1. upload unpacked mambo files to directory for install 2. establish the database while you wait for the files to FTP up · access cpanel · access MySQL datatbases · create db (dbname) · create user and password (user password) · add user to database (button) · add access host localhost 3. edit the configuration.php (Rename configuration.php-dst to configuration.php if you haven’t already done so.) Note: you may wish to edit this local and then FTP as cpanel editor can insert spaces at the end of the file, blank lines, that will cause errors. · account prefix here is xxxxxxxx - use your cpanel prefix and details of your database you have created. · $mosConfig_user = 'xxxxxxxx_user'; · $mosConfig_password = 'password'; · $mosConfig_db = 'xxxxxxxx_dbname'; · $mosConfig_absolute_path = '/home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/mambo' (Note: This path is IMPORTANT! and this is where you have a subdirectory called mambo, if installing at root level end at public_html) · $mosConfig_live_site = 'http://www.******/mambo'; (this is where you have a subdirectory called mambo, if installing at root level end at public_html) 4. Change the permissions on the folders, I use cpanel 707 images 707 media 707 uploadfiles 707 components 707 languages 707 modules 707 templates 707 administrator/backups 707 administrator/components 744 configuration.php 5. import the SQL into the database · edit the local (on your PC) mambo/sql/mambo.sql file to comment in (remove #) from the last 6 statements in the file (first of the 6 to edit starts INSERT INTO `mos_users` VALUES (62, 'Administrator') · access phpMyAdmin (link at the cpanel or if you can't see it on cpanel it's a small text link at the base of the MySQL Account Maintenance screen · Select the database that you have created in step 2 · Click the SQL tab · In the “Or location text file” field browse to a local copy of the mambo files, SQL sub-directory and select mambo.sql to import 6. Login as admin · Access http://www.yoursite.com/mambo/administrator/ · Use “admin” for login and password · Access the user profile and change the details for the admin and editor user (menu path site > user manager > add/edit user) If you have no luck please see the forum post with the auto fault finder: http://forum.mamboserver.com/viewtopic.php?t=8149 Copy the code, paste it into a new PHP file named whatever.. upload it to the same directory as configuration.php and view it in a browser.. showed me I had spaces on the end of my configuration.php file.. hence my note above ;-) Good luck and enjoy the marvellous stuff people make for monkeys like me to use!
  2. Once again, brilliant service - issue resolved.. just wish I could bring you more customers with greater needs.
  3. I see people looking.. so for clarity (please edit if adult urls offend) links removed - not approriate for family forum But isn't.. at least at this end. Please open a Help Desk ticket and provide the links there. -- TCH-Bruce
  4. Hi Mike, any trick to it? I have added ns1 and ns2.totalchoicehosting.com as the Domain Delegation DNS servers on the registration account, and it has a note saying the IP is not required.. but it's now just shy of 4 days and no working domain.. but the holding page is set for the new site as far as the IP and account prefix are concerned.. ie http://IPaddress/account = a site I can see.. http://www.domain-name.com.au does not..
  5. host .com.au? Doesn't seem to be in the options when going through the process?
  6. OK got there. Some interesting things to know for TCH users. Past midnight.. brain is now pumpkin.. will post tid-bits tomorrow.
  7. Well with the admin during initial set up being a given it's something I'd rahter avoid.. progressing though.. http://forum.mamboserver.com/viewtopic.php?t=7355 Close but no cigar.. I now have administrator/index.php giving me completely un css'd and no images version of the "site is temporarily unavailable" message. I think it's the db reference and am playing.. 11:40pm though here in oz, so fairly close to calling it a night.
  8. Spoke to soon.. I got a message telling me to delete the installer directory and refresh.. then a "This site is temporarily unavailable" page, all nicely dressed as mambo.. and still blank pages for the rest.. so I can't seem to get into the admin area as per the instructions.. HELP!
  9. Isn't it strange when you bang your head over something for a few hours, then ask for help, then find the answer to your own question a few minutes later. I'm cooking with gas now! /home/TCH-account-login-prefix-of-6-characters/public_html/mambo That's the path for future reference.. put that in your configuration.php and smoke it.
  10. Hello clever persons. I'm a "not so clever" person who has followed the documentation as best I can but still come up with a blank page. Can a TCH guru please advise me on the few variables that exist in the set up.. Configuration.php $mosConfig_host = 'localhost' I think I have that right at least $mosConfig_user = 'TCH-generated-accounnt-prefix_User-name-I-set'; This is confusing - for me - when I created a db using cpanel MySQL Account Maintenance the DB was prefixed with the account name, as was the user.. so I included the prefix_ in the configuration.php. Is that right? $mosConfig_password = 'the-password-I-set'; The password I set for the DB in cpanel MySQL Account Maintenance $mosConfig_db = 'TCH-generated-accounnt-prefix_DBname-I-set'; Again... prefix, is it right? Should I have created a D a different way, if so.. how? $mosConfig_absolute_path = '/usr/local/www/mambo'; I have played around with a few abberations.. /mambo, /usr/mambo, /usr/www/mambo, /usr/public_html/usr/mambo .htaccess uncommented RewriteBase /mambo And mambo is under the root dir for the site I am working on.. Permissions.. changed to 707 all the folders that were decreed in the instructions.. What do I get? A blank page.. Have removed all files and done it twice.. If anyone has mambo running on TCH starterhosting please advise how!! I'm kinda guessing starter hosting may not cut the mustard on this one? Though I am hoping it does and it's just stupidity standing between me and sweet, sweet free CMS. Thanks in advance.
  11. Well, helping out someone for whom I have designed a site and I pointed to TCH for hosting and domain registration because she had entered the domain name incorrectly when setting up her hosting. I imagined it would be problematic.. it was her fault the entry was done incorrectly.. but a ticket request to have it looked at and fixed was dealt with inside 3 hours.. on a Saturday!! (Well here in oz anyway). Have to say I was impressed with the service.. I'll be pointing more people here for sure. Great service, and thanks.
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