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  1. I realize this, but if there were fees involved we wouldn't pay them- they would. (We'd just add the fee on the invoice) Hopefully the bank will have a solution for us with minimal fees.
  2. I just looked at a couple other payment methods- and even down to 1.19% is high. One tenant of ours has 4 offices, and the rent is just shy of 4,000 a month. At 1.19% that'd be almost 50 bucks just to pay online. Is there a way to have a direct bank draft? I may have to contact our bank directly to see if they have options, but I thought I'd check here since I'd like for them to be able to pay online through our website. Thanks, Matt
  3. I thought about Paypal- but the fees are quite high. 2.9% + 30 cents up to 3,000. So one tenant pays 550 a month- that'd be $16.25 just to process it. That's awfully high. I know this is completely different- but when I pay bills online (mortgage, car payment, etc) I don't have to pay more than if I were to write a check. Is there not a way to get around paying such high fees? It kind of defeats the purpose of it being a convenient payment method if it costs that much.
  4. Our company rents out executive suites to a few different businesses and I'm looking for an inexpensive, but secure method for our tenants to be able to pay their monthly rent via credit card or by a bank draft. Just looking for any suggestions. Most of the tenants can write a check and hand it over, but some have them mailed in which results in late payments, etc. We'd like the option for them to be able to pay online- without them having to pay large fees for the processing. Any suggestions? Thanks, Matt
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