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  1. I have one website that i built with web easy pro 8. It is a wywsiwyg program and pretty easy to learn. I was able to acquire microsoft office 2007 that has microsoft publisher on it. i wont to build an additional website with it just to learn something new. Has anyone used it that can give an opinion. Is it possible to open the files once save on a pc to add custom meta tags. It is not possible to add more than page title, description and keywords in the program. All comments are appreciated.
  2. instead of having to send a link to everyone, is it possible to have them go to a login box on my front page and login to get to the password protected file....would this way be more simple or more complicated
  3. thanks for the prompt attention BRUCE and THOMAS.............it it possible to attach a login in box to the folder so i dont need to send so much mail.
  4. Now that i have a general understanding of password protection in cpanel..........once this is done......how do i make that file available to my members.....copy and paste the link to my webpage, login box, email the link or what?...........any help is appreciated.
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