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  1. Thanks for your reply OJB. I have been checking out SagePay since you say you have been successful with that in the past. I'm not sure which option to choose though. I don't think we actually want the system to make the payment. I think what the client wants is to receive the credit card number in their store and manually put it through. I have my own pages to capture client info and credit card info and can store this information in my own database. I just need SagePay to provide me with a secure way to pass this info to client. I'm not familiar with a lot of the terminology they are using so
  2. Hi everyone, I am giving myself an ulcer over this.... I've built a simple ecommerce site for a client who will be selling a product out of the United States. All aspects of the site are in place and are working. The client has an existing Merchant visa account and they want to be able to process the online orders they receive through this merchant VISA. I have purchased an SSL and secure server with TotalChoice. Now I need to know how to get the Credit Card information to my customer in the States SECURELY. I am assuming I need something like Verisign to do this? But I am totally new to
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