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  1. I did not post here to solve the problem; That’s why I didn’t leave any detailed info regarding the problem; I just wanted to say that there are problems. (communication ) as much as I know; he sent an email this morning asking for terminating the service. I don't know if he has recieved any email after that. but if you want to see what is going on; the domain is ????? As I mentioned I am happy with your service; I just don't understand how this can happened. Thanks
  2. Hi; Does TCH ownership changed or something; we use TCH service and so far happy with it because of their service; but my friend signed up for hosting after I recommended TCH; now after two weeks these guys don't bother to follow the order properly; What is going on? he was so angry with the poor respond that today he has sent an email ( third email ) to TCH support requiring to cancel the service and refund the money to his company's CC, This is beyond believed.
  3. hi; for the first time I did setup couple of web mail using /sqmail, it is working fine, But email holders want to change their password I did setup for them, how can I have this option to let them change their password? I have seen this option if you use other method for email, but not for sqmail, anyone know if this is possible? and how. appreciate your help.
  4. thanks a lot, yah , the problem was that I did not use full email address to log in. I am still working on it to find out If I can : 1- change email password when using yoursite.com/sqmail ? there is no option. 2- is it possible to use your own login page for the sqmail, e.g.: h**p://mail.yoursite.com ( if I make a subdomain just for email login) I have visited the sqmail website, there are lots of confusing things about installing , should download anything to download to my site or what? I have no idea how to do those things, is there any simple tutorial? Thanks
  5. hi; I need help to make the webmail works, this is the first time to set up email for webmail. there couple of people who want to use their email as webmail as well. what is strange to me when I log in to the webmail, to test it h**tp://mysite.com/webmail and ask me for id and pass, if I use the email id and pass, it does log in , but when I use the id and password of the mysite ( which I use to log in to cpanel) then it let me go in, and I can read the default mail and so, there is something wrong, why it should be like this? what Have I done wrong? Please I need it fast. Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot for responding; I did request a ticket; thanks
  7. Hi; I have deleted a DB using " manage Mysql" in Cpanel, wrongly, is there a way to restore the process. I could not find a way to Undo or Restore, I want to have DB which is full of data Back, please if you know a way help me out. thanks a lot
  8. I found my way; thanks for all replies
  9. Thanks for reply; I still can not find how to upload it, on phpmyadmin, I see the dabase that I have created, which is empty of course, now when I click on it, another page opens up, now I will see an option to make table/s for the opend DB, I don't see how to upload my tables of DB which is in SQL format that I got it by dumping my DB. is it so simple that I miss it? is anyone can walk my trough it I am very greatful. Thanks
  10. Hi; I am trying to find out how to upload my mysql DB using Cpanel, I have a dump of my DB, but i can not find out how to upload it , the only thing I see in mysql management is to create DB and add user to the DB. I could not find anything about import or upload of DB in documentaion either. anyone care to explain? thanks a lot
  11. Hi; I am new to cpanel, I made a folder and later on I realized I made folder with the same name of a folder which was there already, "html_public", ( I am not sure may be public_html), anyway when i realized that, even though I had some files in it, I deleted the folder, now everything is working strangly, the only folder which is there can not be opened, it tells me no such a folder, but If I access using ftp I see the folder, and I can upload files in it as well, but in cpanel I can not open the folder and see the files which has been uploaded, now if I make another folder with the same name in cpanel, now both folders can be opened, and uploaded files are in both of them, how can I set everything to default, I don't have any file to worry about, I just want to make it as it was, thank you for your help
  12. Hi; today I decided to load some of the files for the webpage i have , to total host site, but i could not find any tutorial how, or where to load it, I can access cpanel, and also ftp, but there are some folder there, I have no idea what are these folder for, www folder, public_html ( 2 with the same name) ftp_folder and so on, I have made guest book from cpanel, and now when I go to my webpage the guest book is loaded, I have not loaded any file yet, which folder should i load my files and folder to? I could not find any tutorial on this on the totalchoice hosting site. your help is appreciated. thanks
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