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  1. Hi Guys I appreciate your replys. I am quite a novice user when it comes to running forums but have managed so far with this one for a little over a year. My host is haisoft, and to be honest they are not very helpful at all, i asked them to try installing a back up on my site which they do daily, but it turns out my site was hacked less then an hr before the back up, so basically the back up will be hacked aswell. The thing is i did not realise that just doing back ups in the admin area of phpnuke was not good enough and i had to do full back ups in the log in area through my
  2. Hello I am not sure if i am allowed to actual post this here or not, as i have basically just found this site through a search o google and brought a post up on here. Is this forum just for people who host there site with total choice? Its just i am searching for answers on what i can do with php-nuke site that has been hacked last night, and weather anyone on here would be able to help me with it at all. Basically when i came to log in to my site last night it would not let me log in as my username, then when i went to the members list it turned out that mine and my fellow adm
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