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  1. Hi Guys I appreciate your replys. I am quite a novice user when it comes to running forums but have managed so far with this one for a little over a year. My host is haisoft, and to be honest they are not very helpful at all, i asked them to try installing a back up on my site which they do daily, but it turns out my site was hacked less then an hr before the back up, so basically the back up will be hacked aswell. The thing is i did not realise that just doing back ups in the admin area of phpnuke was not good enough and i had to do full back ups in the log in area through my host haisoft. The strange thing is i think they got into my site through Haisoft them selfs, as i set up my forums off the advice from another forum and used the same host and software. And the very same night there site was hacked identical to this. I have looked at that link you provided about the admin account, but i think that is if it has been deleted fully, but what has happened is when i 1st tried logging in as 1 of these accounts it would not let me, but i could still gain access to the full admin side of things on the site through the seperate GOD account, and that was when i could see both usernames and email addresses had been changed for the 1st 2 admin accounts. I then went into both these accounts in the php-bb admin area and ammended the names and email addresses back and changed the passwords. But what happened was 1 admin account worked as normal and would let you log in as this person and had full admin access etc. But the other 1 lets you log in and says your logged in but the forum profile page which exists on all users is totally blank as if it is being hidden. Also in the members part it shows it as still existing but then when clicking on this user it says it does not exist and all posts this user made on the forum are now missing. I think these hackers have changed something in the files to somehow hide the 1st admin on the forums details like posts etc, and without a decent back up i am gonna have to either start again or try and find out what they changed and change back. Do any of you guys now that if i started again that i could reload all the posts again from the back ups of the database that i did in the admin area of nuke. Here are a few screen shots to try explain my self a little better This is a screen shot of the 2nd account that was hacked but this seems to be working normal, the shot is the page every member gets after logging in Then this one is the one i get when trying to log in as the 1st admin account, you will see it says logged in but all the rest is blank Also here in the members list the top 2 were hacked and these names and email addresses were changed, this is a screen shot after changed, the names are links to a brief profile of each member where you can few all posts by this member this one is showing after clicking on the name link from the members area on the 1st admin, says it does not exist, but in the back area of the site it does still exist as i can access the member still Also lastly does anyone know how full a back up this area part of the site does, as i have been doing these back ups regulary Again any help from you guys is appreciated Thanks Kenno
  2. Hello I am not sure if i am allowed to actual post this here or not, as i have basically just found this site through a search o google and brought a post up on here. Is this forum just for people who host there site with total choice? Its just i am searching for answers on what i can do with php-nuke site that has been hacked last night, and weather anyone on here would be able to help me with it at all. Basically when i came to log in to my site last night it would not let me log in as my username, then when i went to the members list it turned out that mine and my fellow admins usernames and email addresses had been changed to something else with email address consisting of just numbers with a gmail domain. I have still got access to the god admin account so can still access the admin section of nuke and also phpbb. I managed to chage both admin accounts names and email addresses back to what they were previous but the 1st admin account although in the members list and admin panel shows that it exists, it will not let me log in under this admin account and also all the posts been made under this account do not show on the forum. 1: Is there anything you guys know of that i can do to A: get this account back to be able to log into it and B: get it to show all the posts made by this account. 2: Does anybody know why this 1st admin account will not just return like the 2nd admin account did. 3: Also as per the post above which i have hi-jacked (sorry for that) how do i get this log file up to see what the hell is going on. If anyone on here feels they could help me i would be much appreciated to anybody who could offer any assistance at all Many thanks Mark
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