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  1. I have followed through on your instructions & Nvu seems to be publishing...at least that's what it states 'publishing' & the indicator is continuing to flow. But, this has been for almost an hour... Should it take this long?
  2. Thomas, Thank you for the continued guidance/support...I will keep you posted.
  3. Dave, Thanks for the response. I have included my domain name & pertinent info as stated on the welcome email. I have tried to publish from Nvu with no success. Using the following: I received two usernames from TCH…one for accessing my overall account & then one for FTP. On Nvu, which username do I use for the Web Site Information section? As presented on Nvu: HTTP of your home page (e.g.'http//www.myisp.com/myusername') On Nvu, which username do I use for the Publishing server section? As presented on Nvu: Publishing Address (e.g. 'ftp://ftp.myisp.com/myusername') Also, Nvu asks for another username right above the publishing button. What is the username needed here? Right before the publishing button as well is a password field... Do I use the password for my overall account? or Do I use the password for my FTP account? Your attention to detail would be highly appreciative in answering each of the above questions. Thank you in advance for your timely & forward-thinking response. Ken
  4. Bruce, Having trouble publishing…For settings this is what I input as follows: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/my username to log into my cpanel/ ftp://ftp.totalchoicehosting.com/my user name for ftp/ Is this the right settings or should I be using domain name in the place of totalchoicehosting…And for user name of the "Web Site Information" & "Publishing Server" should that be the username of the FTP? Ken
  5. Bruce, Thanks for your insight...I am proceeding accordingly. Ken
  6. Thanks for the guidance & hanging in there with me... I will proceed accordingly & give you an update ASAP...
  7. Yes, the person who did the site didn't complete the work which is why I am stuck with an unattractive site. I am not sure what program they used but at the top of the source code for the index it states Microsoft Office...not sure if that helps.
  8. Thomas, I know you are probably accustomed to people who know how to access their site to insert a back link but I don't have a clue. If you could tell me where to go or provide step-by-step specific instructions, I will complete the task at hand.
  9. Thomas, As this is my first day discovering this forum & having just become a TCH client, I am very new to some of the nuances. That said, following your instructions on being added to the family I have done the following: My domain: Visit My Website Name of site: Prime Network International Brief Description of Site: Healthcare technology focused on payments Type of Site: Commercial I hope this is all the information you need to add me to the Family Pages. As well, if you could take the site down as you originally stated, I would greatly appreciate your timely response. Ken
  10. Thanks for the reply Thomas... My site's name is primenetworkinternational.com If you could confirm via email that it has been taken down & replaced with a "Under Construction" page, I would greatly appreciate it. Ken
  11. How do I take down my site & replace it with a "Under Construction" page?
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