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  1. Hi, I recently contacted the help desk regarding a problem I was having granting the Execute permission for a user to use certain stored procedures on my MySQL database. The response I received was: "MySQL stored procedures are not supported with our servers." Can you guys confirm this? If so, then you may seriously want to fix that, as at least for me, it will force me to have to find hosting elsewhere. I'm hoping the statement above is just an exaggeration, and that my stored procedures will be able to work here, as I'd much rather stay with TCH if possible. Cheers, -- Chris
  2. Thanks! Glad the forums are here! My specific error happens when I try to run a stored procedure that drops and recreates a database. The stored procedure goes like this: CREATE PROCEDURE resetHoldingsdb () BEGIN DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS <myTCHUserID>_holdingsDB; CREATE DATABASE <myTCHUserID>_holdingsDB; ... The error I get is the following: #1044 - Access denied for user '<myTCHUserID>'@'localhost' to database '<myTCHUserID>_holdingsDB' (Oh, and the stored procedure is residing on a different database than the one I'm trying to drop and recreate.)
  3. Hi, I just joined TCH yesterday and am trying to get my mySQL databases setup. I've created an admin user on my databases with full privileges, but whenever I go to phpMyAdmin, it logs me in as MyTCHUserID@localhost. How can I login to phpMyAdmin with my admin user account so that I can do things like adding tables via my stored procedures? Thanks! -- Chris
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