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  1. Thank you for the clarification.
  2. Do you provide support for this package? Would only be used to host my own sites, not for reselling. TIA John
  3. Thanks for the explanation and the support was excellent.
  4. Signed up the other day as a returning customer and have been placed on the kamino.tchmachines.com server. Opened a Ticket (ID: IRP-423897)stating my phpBB3 forum would not send email. I also done a test using a mailtest php script which failed to send as well (separate from the forum and installed in the root folder). Anyway the issue is now solved after your tech guys worked on the problem. Support said CPanel was upgraded as there was some compatability issue with the version of phpBB3? If this is the case why did the mailtest script fail which was separate from the forum? PS Just asking, very happy to be back...
  5. Just used the ticket system for the first time, two tickets raised. Changed the domain name I registered with and had to get you guys to delete two email accounts which I had no access to; this was due to pointing my original domain back to the registrar. Both actions carried out successfully (within 15 minutes) by your support staff, Pete Bishop last night and today Alex Spaford. Excellent service and thanks to all behind the scenes. John (UK)
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