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  1. The router is configured. The problem is that I don't know how to address the ftp request to a specific port. The public ports are either 6000 or 6001 in the router. I need to be able to tell the client to connect to one those ports at my IP.
  2. I have installed a D-Link Dir655 router and connected two PC's each having it's own BulletProof FTP server installed. I have setup the two in Virtual Server with public ports of 6000 & 6001 respectfully. I'm using "CuteFTP" for a client and would like to know what the syntax is for addressing either Server? My IP is "". If I set the Pub Port to 21 everything works fine but when I use a different Pub port I can't gain access and I don't know how to include the Port number into the address in my client. I was told before I purchased the router that I could access either or both servers using this procedure. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks
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