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  1. Thanks! The problem has been cleared up and i'm zooming away w/my FTP client and things are good! Thanks again for all your help! Robyn
  2. THANK YOU SHERLOCK!! I was going nuts - thank you so much. Robyn
  3. Hello - I'm new to the forums and to TCH. I am experiencing a very strange issue. I cannot log onto my website (theknittingnut.net) on my computer. Not to the site, cpanel or WordPress dashboard. I use Firefox but I also tried it with IE. HOWEVER, I can log onto the site from my work computer - it just seems to be mine. I've cleared the cache and cookies and still can't get to my site. I'm running a virus scan but I'm pretty sure that's not the issue since I scan daily. I can get to other sites hosted by TCH though so I don't know what the problem is.... Any help/advice is apprecaited! Th
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