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  1. Do both links work for you? The second one works form me and that is not on your server. So do both work or just the second one?
  2. Ok I just tested the page on another server - not TCH and everything works exactly as it should: Andrea and Test have files attached the others don't-- ............... So it's possibly a problem on your server?? I was going to move this client to TCH - but I can't if this Vcard will not work. Can someone look into this a bit more?
  3. Thanks, yes I removed the space and tired adding 20%, still no joy. Originally the client emailed me the files, I thought possibly the files were corrupt so I just created a vcard from my address book, uploaded it and still I get window not a dialog box. Are you guys sure that it's not an issue with the server?
  4. Thanks, yes, that is where I got my information - but - for some reason it works when I view it via Dreamweaver/Firefox locally on my hard drive but when I view the live page via Firefox the link opens as a page in my browser... here is the link: http://daly-web.com/strategic/test/html/contact.html
  5. Hi! A client wants me to add a link on their site so visitors can download their VCards. She sent me the files, I uploaded the .vcf files, created the link on the page, uploaded the page -- but when the link is clicked a new page opens with the Vcard information. This isn't supposed to happen - I should get a dialog box asking me what I want to do with the *.vcf file. When I test the page locally the file works as expected. But when it's on the TCH server it does not work -- Any suggestions? Ideas? Thanks.
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