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  1. Looks good Thomas. Thank you. -djc
  2. Please add the HeartBar Graphics website to the commercial pages of the Family. http://www.heartbargraphics.com/ Description: Distinctive graphic solutions that emphasize your Brand Identity. The back link to Total Choice Hosting is located on the lower center portion of the About page. Thanks, -djc
  3. Thomas - Everything looks great. Thanks for the phenomenally fast service! -djc
  4. Please add the Moxie Java Bistro website to the commercial pages of the Family. Site URL is: http://www.cafeleku.com The Moxie Java Bistro has taken the coffee-house culture to a new level. Visit the Bistro for amazing coffee, a variety of cold beverages and elegant, fast-casual dining featuring gourmet entrees at affordable prices. The TotalChoice back link is in the lower right corner of the 'About' page. Thank you, -djc