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  1. nevermind! found my answer ins the FAQ... DOH!
  2. thank you, im still having this subject bother me... im simply trying to understand how it all works, i dont have any deadlines or anything that cant be 'down' so im only looking to learn and dont relly feel like submiting a help ticket will teach me anything, does anyone have any answeres to the above 3 questions? also... im trying to use forwarding with my domain parked so that i have control of the a records, what would i configure so that this method would still work for mail, i figured this out fine for ftp.domain.com but im not sure i understand what to do for the two mail servers? i dont even know if im on the right track... anyone?
  3. --So this means that i canot configure any of these settings on my own like you would with the "Total DNS" settings? --Ithe fact that the sites location is something.somethingtch.com/~username AND NOT a dedicated static IP the reason that Name server needs to be set to tch name servers? --And what about "parking the domain" using forwarding and then configuring a-records for the local server?
  4. Hi! first i want to thank tch for the great service they have been provinding me for the past months, im new to the scene but feel i couldnt of made a better choice! As i said im kinda new, and im trying to understand how DNS works, ive read wiki's til my eyes started to bleed but i still have questions and i hope someone can help explain! First of all, i do not have my domain hosted with tch.. i have my domain setup as it should be with the Name servers and such, and the domain points to my site as it should, however i cant figure out how i would make a subdomain point to a different address, in my case i want **** to load my site as it does BUT inhouseserver.**** to translate to my static ip provided to me by my isp. I can see its very simply done by modifying A-records but as i see when you have a custom name server the "Total DNS" option just says "Not hosted here". please break it down Barney style, as i like to call it, i dont know when Total DNS is or parked vs default vs custom i think a records kinda explain them selves, but i still dont see why you can only provide an ip when a website is hosted in a directory of an ip/domain ie /~username thank you for any help!
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