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  1. Hi Paul, We were also affected by the Vengavenga debacle. Just to say TCH were able to help with giving me access to a backup of our site, so it could be saved. Hopefully you should be in luck too, they seem very helpful here at TCH so if you haven't got a hosting company I would recommend them. We already had a UK company lined up so stuck with them. Thanks Tara
  2. Hey thanks for all the help - Tom Duncan from TCH has given us access to a backup so the site can be saved, which is an immense relief.
  3. Thank you Bruce for the prompt reply, I have raised a ticket. Tara
  4. Hi Ann / all, I have just done some searching and found this forum. We are in exactly the same boat with our website that was maintained and hosted through vengavenga.com. We found out a few days ago about the problem and have found another hosting company. However, our site now looks like it has been removed from the server just displaying website cannot be found, so we have no site to transfer. Were TCH able to help in providing a backup, or can anyone suggest any alternative solutions. Thanks in advance Tara
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