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  1. Hi everyone, I am sure that someone will be able to assist me. Basically I run a number of websites, unfortunately they were hosted by one of TCH resellers. VengaVenga. Venga have now stopped trading, with no prior warning to their customers. They have left no forwarding contact details and ignore all emails. This is basically what they left their customers. Unfortunately, nothing that they have stated here works. I am now left with three websites that I cannot move to another hosting company. Not something I am happy about as you will all imagine. Is there anyone out there who can assist in this problem. Many thanks Ann It is with deep regret that we announce the closure of vengavenga.com Business has been in decline over recent months to the point where we can no longer manage to continue. We've had to leave Spain and return to the UK in order to try and feed the family. If you have a site hosted by ourselves, we will try and keep it online for as long as possible, however we can't guarantee that we will be able to maintain the server after 5th June 2008. With that in mind, you should make arrangements to hire another design team to move the site for you to another server as soon as possible. The details they'll ask you for are the ftp details which will be ftp.****** with the same username and password as you use for your admin area. They will also need access to your database - they can access that via www.******/cpanel again using the same username and password. Your store system is based on osCommerce. Anyone who has made a payment for work that has not been done, should contact their credit card company and start a "chargeback" claim. We're not proud of the way vengavenga has ended - we always prided ourselves on offering the very best service at the lowest possible prices, however in recent months we have been unable to do this. Apologies for the inevitable inconvenience this is going to cause. Ali & Lou vengavenga.com
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