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  1. ok, i found out drupal isnt what i needed but did see that joomla awas what i need , i found the paypal donation file got it uploaded to the modules section of my cpanel-thing where the joomal is installed how do i get it to work?
  2. thank you, i got drupal install but i dont understand how to get the paypal module install on my site it says it does what I need, can someone guide me on this? Thank you
  3. so this will do the same as the php nuke for the paypal module? if you need a site to show what im talking about let me know , thank you again I am reading on the joomla you mentioned
  4. ooo ok, well is there something else I can maybe use similar to this paypal module , that will show donations of each person to donate and so forth? or any suggestions since this is not available to me? I do thank you for replying back.
  5. I am in my cpanel and in the fantistico section but do not see php-nuke? can I ask why or if its option for mt to have as some of the sites I have seen has this for paypal module and so forth? can someone please help me thank you
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