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  1. Thanks everybody! I feel like being home here :-D Bruce, I actually thought about doing wireless for all the computer but then I was afraid that they would not be stable. I currently use wireless for my laptop only. All the other PCs use ethernet cables. However, I lose the connection or get slow internet quite often, probably every 3-4 hrs. So if I let all the PCs use wireless, it may get worse. I think I'd like the idea with the wireless router connected to the hub better, but if I configure the network like that, would my laptop be able to find the printer? (my laptop uses wireless and the printer is plugged directly to the hub). By the way, can I use a switch instead of a hub? If I can, would it make a better performance with a switch? Tim.
  2. I need to set up a small network with 6 PCs and a network printer in my office but I am confused between using switch and router. Earlier, I had only 2 PCs and a network printer so I used a linksys wireless router to do the job and it worked just fine. Now, I need to setup 4 more PCs in the office but I could not find any wireless router with more than 4 Ethernet ports. Basically, I would need to have a network that can support 6 PCs and a network printer, and any computers connected to the wireless network can also access the printer. I was thinking about combining a switch that has 8-10 ports and a wireless router but I don't know how to configure the system. I would very much appreciate any ideas/recommendations you have in mind and thanks for your help. Tim.
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