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  1. Hello, I would like to be added to the family. My information is as follows: http://www.catamenial-pneumothorax.com Catamenial Pneumothorax and Endometriosis Endometriosis of the diaphragm, causing the lung to collapse during menses. Personal nature The Total Choice backlink is on the bottom of the Home page. Thanks so much! Lynn
  2. Hello Thomas, Samantha and Dick, I contacted the host and the content was removed! Thanks for all your help! You guys are great!! Lynn
  3. Hello Dick and Samantha, Thank you for your responses. I am not very technical so can you tell me what a "cached copy" is and how they would "grab it"? Also, do you have any idea why he would want to do that? Since it is on-line, does he pay to host it? I can understand "holding the domain name hostage" for a price, but don't understand what he gets out of hosting the old pages. Also, I know that the current registrar is Wildwest Domains, but how do I find out who the host is? Is that listed on the WhoIs? Sorry for being so ignorant. I appreciate your patience with my simple questions. Also, thanks Samantha, for the link. You helped me out a few months back when I wrote to you about tables. I really appreciated your help and was able to display our nice tables and bar graphs. We just updated the site a few months ago, and now no one can find it! It's very discouraging and disheartening that some people can be so mean. A hard lesson learned.... In any event, the family forum has always been helpful and very kind. I am grateful to you all. Lynn
  4. Hello all, I recently lost my domain name and had to reactivate my site with a new hosting account and a new domain name. The old account is closed, and the DNS for the old domain are no longer pointing to Total Choice. Since that is the case, I expected to see an error message "cannot display the page", when I type in the old domain name. However, there is still an old version of my web site (from several years ago) being displayed when I type in the old address. The pictures are gone and the links don't work, but I am surprised that there is content there. Can someone explain to me why that is happening? Where is the content coming from if the DNS for the old domain are parked elsewhere? Are those web pages floating in cyperspace somewhere? I am concerned that I will be completing with those old web pages for search engine ranking. Will this be a problem, or will those web pages eventually go away? If it helps at all, my old site was at "catamenialpneumothorax.com" and the new site is "catamenial-pneumothorax.com" I am confused!! Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello to all, Thanks so much for your kind welcome! I have not visited the family forum in quite a while, but have always received helpful information! A special thanks to Samantha! Your explanation was just what I needed and the link is working beautifully!! I will bookmark your site for future reference. Thanks again to you all! I really appreciate your help! You guys are great!! Lynn (Lizzieanddarcy)
  6. Hello all, I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I need instructions for attaching a pdf document to a web page in CUTE Site Builder. I am guessing that I could upload the file into the public folder, but to be honest, I don't really know how to do that. I don't write in HTML and I don't really understand how the web pages and/or other files are stored in the directory. When I publish, I hit the "publish" button, and it loads automatically. I have a web page where I have a pdf document displayed like an image. When I am working to edit pages in the CUTE Site program, I click on the "pdf image", and Adobe Acrobat opens and then the document loads, where I can print it. That is what I want the visitors to be able to do. But when I "preview to publish", the image is just an image and the document will not open. Do I have to make that image a link to the pdf document in one of my folders, or can the document be part of the web page, so when I click "publish", it will upload into what ever folder it is supposed to be in? I am sorry to be so ignorant. I am not very web savvy. If you have simple instructions, I would appreciate them. Thanks!
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