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  1. Thanks That is just what I thought
  2. I have two domains, but am looking at letting one go. The thing is the one I am looking at letting go is the one I have my e-mail address on - I don't really want to change my email address, but surely I will have to if the domain isn't hosted, or is there a way around it? many thanks
  3. My default address is set to :fail: what does :fail:mean? Also how do I know if something I need is going into my junk? Will it still come into my e-mail client? i use apple mail. sory for all the questions and thanks for your help
  4. thanks i have enabled spamassissin. Just a quick question. I am a little worried by enabling spamassissin that i won't get mail into my inbox that isn't spam, but spamassissin think it is. Does that make sense, or have I missed the point somewhere? lol
  5. I dunno if this is the right place to post this, and I am not even clear what i am wanting to ask. So please bear with me lol. I am beginning to get lots of spam to my domain email account . So I was wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this say in C panel. I know spam is a fact of live in emails after while, but I'm so fed up of it. Thanks for any help
  6. I am so happy with TCH so far. I moved my sites just over 24 hours and here i am with them both moved and set up. Technical support has been great. Keep up the great work, and i look forward to many years of happy hosting with TCH
  7. I have moved two accounts to TCH today, I am having issues receiving and emails on one of those accounts. When I set it up mac mail it gathers al the mails of the server, but then refuses to send and receive anymore mail , I have tried copying the settings from the account that is working and changing the outgoing and incoming stuff, but still no look. Can you help please
  8. I am well impressed. in less the 24 hours I have acquired hosting with TCH and had both sites moved from the old host. Quick and friendly service
  9. Thanks all I created another account for the 2nd domain. Just had an e-mail asking But I think it was in response to a support ticket that I thought was sorted. I am waiting for my welcome letters Do they said the welcome letters and then transfer the sites over? I am in the UK, so know i ordered in the middle of the night for States people Just excited ( and worried) about it all
  10. I have just set up hosting with TCH and am waiting for my welcome e-mail I only included one of my sites, but wouild like to transfer hosting of my other domain to TCH. However when I went to the page to oder it said Can I add it to my account? if so what are my details? Or do I need to create a operate account for each domain? Thanks for any help
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