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  1. Just to help out those who might come across the same problem as i have. I had to forfeit using imagemagick as i couldn't get it to work. the mt forums were adamant that there was something wrong with my perlmagick installation, but tch support has insisted that there's nothing wrong. anyway, i ended up using netpbm instead following the tutorial at http://sniptools.com/tutorials/thumbnailin...nd-movable-type it works a treat. fyi
  2. Hi, for a while now i am constantly receiving emails sent from myself, to myself. Checking the header info confirms the sender is server26.totalchoicehosting.com... starting today i am getting anywhere from 5 to 50 emails an hour. it is getting really frustrating. the emails are just blank. no messages. anyone have any idea how i can track down this problem? thanks...
  3. this is just frustrating me. completed a branding spanking new installation on my wifes account. i uploaded the mt tar.gz file in binary mode. checked all permissions were correct. tch support installed image::magick/perl::magic the module, mt-check says everything is OK. the entire blog works fine. but as soon as i choose make thumbnail following the upload i get the "premature end of script headers" error. can at least any mt 3.34 users confirm that they can create thumbnails with mt?
  4. checked mt.cgi and betterfileuploader.cgi... they all look fine and dandy to me. i am in the process of installing a fresh mt on my wifes account (she's a wordpress person), i'll see how that goes.
  5. Hi guys, i have upgraded to mt 3.34, everything works fine, however when i upload an image and try to create a thumbnail, i get a Error 500. Checking my error logs it says premature end of script headers with mt.cgi. mt.cgi is chmodded to 755 and uploaded as ascii. i tried another plugin called better file uploader, and when i use that to upload and create thumbnails, i get a premature end of script headers on betterfileuploader.cgi file this time. helpdesk has checked and confirmed that imagemagick and perl::magick are working correctly (though it apparently wasn't before). what can i do guys? i have posted on the mt forums, but it has been quite a few days and no replies, i am hoping i will do better here. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. I just recently signed up after leaving my beloved host of many years for the sake of more space and more unlimited goodness. Everything went so smoothly I find it utterly ridiculous you are able to provide such service at such a price (I am still waiting for the catch... seriously). Anyway, I seem to have an issue. I am able to send e-mails, but I am not receiving any. It's been over 2 hours since I sent myself test e-mails from myself, yahoo, and hotmail but I seem to not get them. I know sometimes e-mail can act up, but considering I just made a host change, I am being cynical. Nameserver change is complete. On the test messages I send on my mail account tch is clearly the deliverer in the full header... Is there a common reason that I am not receiving e-mail or should I make use of the wonderful ticket system here? Thanks.
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