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  1. *wipes a tear* Just another reason why I tell all my friends about this hosting as being the best. Thank you.
  2. Similar to what the description says. Looking anything really that can be used to transfer files to my phone from a computer. This could be used for some of the excel docs I'm working on, to images, music fines *ring tones* etc.. I've found several sites that would allow you to use their service to upload a file to their server and you'd either email your phone's address ie... gwcz@sprintpcs.com so you'd receive an email with a link to go to for download, or you would type in the url http://somesite.com/dl/123abc.wap or whatever to receive the file. The main problem with these sites is you have to pay, and through wasting time today at work, was wracking my brain with google, and maybe I just missed some tutorial or software that could help me accomplish what I need. Confused yet? Thanks in advance with any suggestions.
  3. basically I was wondering so I could filter out various websites for my siblings for my parents. No biggie thanks.
  4. Rock Sign Just wanted to say I've been looking for a good host, and this is by far the best host I've ever had. There has been 1 outage in almost 6 months I've been here that I'm aware of that effected me, and it was taken care of quickly and I was updated about what was going on every step of the way. This helped me not freak out or send in hundreds of emails for updates. Superb service and great customer support, I love this place.
  5. Anyone know if it's possible to set up a proxy on the hosted space?
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