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  1. Well I have found the solution myself; I was using a parked domain name and when I recreated the dw site with the original name the connection to mysql worked. Best regards From the sunny island of Curacao F_Fingal
  2. I do dreamweaver php development using the the MYSQL as a database source, however dreamweaver will constantly fail the creation of a new mysql connection. my develpment machine is a HP connected to the internet with a 1mb dsl connection. Testing machine # 1 is windows 2003 server in Miami (no problem) Testing machine # 2 windows 2003 server in Virginia (no Problem) (NEW) testing machine # 3 tch servers, I can connect to the severs synchonize my software , however whenever it comes to create a mysql connection dreamweaver fails. with an undefined error has occurred.. I also have a dat
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