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  1. Don / Andy - Thanks for the remarkably prompt replies. I don't suppose there's a way to determine what the old IP address is? I've still got the domain name registered through TCH. Thanks again. - Richard
  2. Greetings - I recently transferred hosting of my domain to another provider. No problem with TCH's hosting, but I wanted to add a few more URLs, and TCH's least costly offering was a reseller account. At $20/month (an unpleasant five-fold increase of my $4/month Starter plan), this is 2-3 times the cost from other reputable vendors. My question -- is it possible to log into the old Server to check via cPanel whether any mail arrived after the sweep of files from TCH to my new host, but before the nameServer redirection kicked in? Thanks kindly. - Richard (www.oldWithoutMoney.com)
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