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  1. Last question! Thanks for all of your help btw. I have a table within my DB called content which stores articles by published date etc.. I would like to create a simple script that archives the content by month. Any ideas? I am guessing I will need to create a select * statement to run it... Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry to be a pain... maybe you can tell me if I am getting close on this. Would this be a legitimate function? >function connect() { if (!isset($_REQUEST['page'])&&!isset($_REQUEST['story'])) { header('Location: index.php'); exit; } } connect();
  3. Hi Bruce, excuse me if I am wrong maybe I just don't understand. If I add it as an include doesn't this accomplish the same thing? Either way its getting loaded into the header right? Maybe I will try adding the page.php text into an include and see if that works. I am not sure if I can post URLs on here or not if so let me know and I will show you where I am testing this live and you can see where I am at. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the help and welcomes! Actually the problem is within something along these lines: >echo "$story['headline']."; There is actually a header.php file where I want to put the code to echo the headline which is located in the page.php file. My problem is since the head loads first it can't pull the data from the body. Is there a pre loader or something that I can do to make it work? I would like to echo this: ><title><?php echo "$story['headline']."; ?> </title> Which would bring up the page title based upon the headline in the above mentioned script. One way I got it to work was compile the entire script above into the header. That causes duplicate scrips so the body doesn't execute when the head does. Any suggestions to make this work? Thanks again for all your help!!! Sean Think Thinker
  5. Hello all! Brand new to this here forum! I am pretty new to PHP and have a minor issue I have been working on for days. I hope you can shed some light on this. I am trying to create a dynamic <title>. The variable is caleld $headline which is created in the PHP/MSQL Select script which is located in the body. Because the header loads first it doesn't recognize the php in the body which I need to pull for the dynamic titles to work. Here is my body script: What I need to echo in the title is this: echo "{$story['headline']}"; which I cannot pull because of the senerio. Any suggestions? Thanks! S the ThinkThinker
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