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  1. Do I need to cancel the subscription payment within Paypal also? If so, how do I create a new one for just the one domain? Thanks.
  2. I submitted a support ticket to get help on the following situation but got directed to the cancel account form. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction... My problem is I have two domains hosted by TCH, both paid for on the same invoice, automatically through Paypal every month. One of these domains is about to expire in a few weeks and I don't wish to continue the hosting for this account. My question to support was how do I continue the hosting for one domain but cancel for the other. I do not wish to cancel my account, just one package. Help please?
  3. So should this happen also to my other site, on Cathar server, I can simply do this and it will be fixed?
  4. Ticket submitted. Glad you got yours sorted, looking forward to same
  5. No I havent made any changes to the site in over a week. The site was fine yesterday but when I loaded it this morning I was getting the error. Thought I would leave it and see if it went away but it hasn't. My site uses the Mandalore server at TCH. Does yours?
  6. I am also suddenly getting this on my site. How can this be fixed?
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