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  1. Thanks! I simply deleted the mt-config.cgi file and when it recreated itself, it corrected issues. Thanks again, ~Thadeus
  2. Thanks! I found that if I simply deleted the mt-config.cgi file, the mt installation would try to recreate itself when I would go to the logon screen. When it recreated itself, it corrected the issue I was having. Problem resolved Thanks again, ~Thadeus
  3. Hello all, I am trying to understand an error I am receiving on my Movable Type installation and I think it is more my misunderstanding than anything else... I am failing with an error of: Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config I seem to have a bad reference in my mt-config.cgi file that is causing me this issue. Is that SendmailPath directive incorrectly set? I believe that is where my problem lies, but it is only conjecture on my part. Thanks for reading, Thadeus
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if there is a way to wipe out the entirety of my website so I can start from scratch as though I had just signed up. I'm not asking to have it done for me, just curious if I can do it myself? Thank you, Thadeus
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