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  1. No - there are 2 separate sites (similar but not same). The new site will be kept updated and publicized on first domain name. The old site will just pretty much sit there on a second domain. A third domain will be bought and parked at new site. sorry this is a bit confusing but I think I've got a handle on it now. Unless someone knows a better way I'll just follow the support advice and request the switch. Thanks!
  2. sorry - I forgot to sign-in - that was me drec, not guest
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! And advice on 3rd domain. But anything to say about switching of the first 2 domains & sites? Sounds like the right way to do it?
  4. Hello - already got some helpful advice from support on this situation, but a new item just got thrown into the mix so I thought I'd double check before proceeding, and give the forum a try. Currently we have Site1 on domain1.com. We also own domain2.com which just redirects to Site1. Now we are creating Site2. We want Site2 on domain1.com, and Site1 on domain2.com. Most important is that domain1.com retains it's presence on the web and that it goes to the new site without any glitches. The old site on domain2.com will not be actively promoted; they just want to keep it online. The newest request is that we also buy a third domain, domain1.ORG, and have it point to Site2. So...support said we should open a new host account, upload Site2 and point domain2.com to it. Then, once we have both sites up, submit a ticket and they will just switch the 2 so that Site2 is on domain1.com and Site1 is on domain2.com. Is this the best way to handle? Will it be transparent/immediate/without problems? And for the third domain to point to Site2, is it just a simple buy & park after everything else is setup? Thanks for any advice. It's probably not as complicated as it sounds to me...
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