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  1. dfb23

    Forbidden Pages?

    Thanks! It works now. If I may ask—what was wrong with the permissions on the folder? It showed up as 755 when I looked in the file manager, and it still shows up as 755. Is it a setting that I can change from my end if something like this happens again?
  2. I'm not sure that this is the right forum to post this in, but I can't find a better one, so: I have a very simple static website (no scripts or anything like that running) that I've used mainly as a depository for documents I can distribute to my classes. Anything in the base public html folder (whether the index page for the site—just a placeholder not linking to anything else—at http://www.pmpkn.net/ or a specific document such as http://www.pmpkn.net/phonology.pdf) works fine However, if you try to go anywhere deeper on the site (e.g., http://www.pmpkn.net/lx/, or a specific document such as http://www.pmpkn.net/lx/ADS2k3.pdf), it throws back a 403-Forbidden error. This is odd, since last time I chacked (which, to be honest, was probably a couple years ago) everything worked, and I haven't changed anything in the meantime. So what could be causing this? I've looked at the files, and the permissions on the folders and files all seem to be correct (755 and 644, respectively). So what is it about the subfolders that is causing problems? I've exhausted my (very small) level of knowledge on this sort of thing. D Bowie
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