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  1. Ok, I'm moving on to the Help Desk to see if you guys can delete those folders for me because I'm extremely limited to basic knowledge of html; php might as well be rocket science. Thank you for your responses
  2. So... I would have to look in one of the php files to find the instructions that the script is giving to create those files?
  3. I'm losing my marbles over this one. My nephew (computer science major) built a php order form for my web site, it's really cool. The order form is set up that if a client wants to place an order, they can checkmark the particular service/s they need and upload up to 6 restricted-type images. When the client fills out the customer info area, an ftp account/folder is automatically created for them in a folder named 'upload' and their uploaded images are saved in that folder along with a text file of the information they filled out on the order form. He's tested the form out and so have I. Consequently, with all the testing between us, there are probably 15 test-accounts in that 'upload' folder along with garbage test images. I am trying to delete those files and no matter how I'm trying to do it, they won't budge! I've tried by loggin in to my main/ administrator ftp account and doing it that way... nope, that won't work. I've tried from the cpanel in file manager and the legacy file manager. Still, those files within the 'upload' folder will not go away. I sure hope that you guys can help me. Thanks, Sue
  4. Bruce, thanks, I'll be sure to limit the file types for upload. Happy New Year! Susie
  5. Uhoh... that is not good. The more that I'm learning, I'm learning that I need to learn something else more. So, now, my question regarding viruses with uploads is: if someone fills out a form and the form is e-mailed to me, I just need to be sure that my virus protection is in stealth mode, right? But, for allowing photos to be up-loaded to my site, doesn't the hosting site have anti-virus protection as well? I mean, I understand that if I download the files to my computer, I need to have my anti-virus software check it out first, but, if someone uploads a virus to my website folder, doesn't the hosting company's anti-virus software catch that? Or... hmm... Or does it sit undetected unless I were to open it while it was still on the server? If I ftp'd any uploaded files, directly to my home computer in a temp folder for my anti-virus software to check, and deleted the files from my web server, wouldn't that protect my website? By the way, thanks for the 'welcome' Al. Susie
  6. Bruce, I think that's great news about possibly being able to achieve this without having to learn Java, but PHP instead. You've given me a lead to pursue! I honestly didn't know where to start with this. Thomas, thank you for the warm welcome . When I finally get this figured out, I promise to post back here with my results. Susie
  7. Thanks Bruce. Right now I'm reading up about "MooTools", looks like a java script with maybe some flash in it... I guess this means that I'm gonna have to learn some java, eh? Thanks again!
  8. I'm building a website for photo restorations and other photo-graphic-type services. I'm using Dreamweaver8. The site is pretty basic, displaying the various grades of photo restoration, photo colorization, photo-to-art, etc... Here's where I need help with what I want to create: A page where prospective clients can create an account and upload 1-5 or more photos to a unique folder (limit the size of the folder too) just for their unique account. When the client creates the account, I would be notified by e-mail of the new account and the uploads. From there, I would review the photos and via e-mail contact the prospective client with a quote for services. Oh, and also, to have an automatic verification box where the visitor has to type into the little box what code they see displayed. What do I need to learn in order to create these things? Thank you very much! Susie
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