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  1. p.s i'm not familiar with 'live chat' here, how do I use that? Thanks
  2. Hi there Bill, thanks so much for getting back to me but the issue is still not resolved. All I need is to find the page at totalchoicehosting to update my payment details, I would be very grateful if you could point me at that page by providing the url to this page. I got a reply to my support ticket but it did not answer this question and answered an unrelated question which was really odd, I also tried to reply to your email but didn't manage to get hold of you. Help to get my website back up and running asap would be much appreciated. All I basically need is the URL to the page within you
  3. Hi there My site is offline due to an oversight on my part. Appologies. I've been with totalchoisehosting for many years, and a very satisfied customer, and can easily rectify the problem as soon as i can find out how to do so on the site. Please can my site be put back online urgently. I have a single site being hosted by total choice. Thanks for your urgent help on this. I have also put in a support ticket.
  4. Andy We spoke earlier. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. It has been invaluable. Very best regards V
  5. Hi There I have raised a very urgent query regarding my website hosting at Totalchoice. I need to know that it will be dealt with over the weekend - asap today hopefully, and won't have to wait until next week. Really important. I tried phoning but the help line only works from Monday to Friday. Can anyone advise. Can my problem be handled urgently today. It's a very straight forward issue, but it needs to be updated as quickly as possible. Thanks for any help you can give me. Best Regards V
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