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  1. Has anybody ever tried two to validate two fields in a Front Page form by comparing them ? e.g. A=B, how do you do that in Front Page ? Thanks for your help Simon
  2. Hi, I am trying to install a cgi/script for the first time. The script I bought (PitBullPro) has no sample login page, so I have a few questions (My apologies if they are pretty basic) In CGI/Perl speak what is the referrer ? Is it the URL I go to if the form is successful or is it the URL I come from ? Second how can I tell where the script sends me after successful action (i.e. after a successful log- on ?) Unless as I suspect I have to go to the referrer. Thanks for your help Silvano
  3. Thanks for your help guys, but I was wondering whether it was possible to disable the 'Save' in the File Menu in the Internet Explorer. I know that it is impossible to stop an IT guy from stealing images, or saving a page (as it was mentioned you only have to go to the temporary internet files to find them). I am just trying to stop the less 'technical users' from doing it Simon
  4. Hi guys, I am sure there is a way to disable SAVE and Save AS from the File menu of Internet Explorer. I am also sure there is a way to disable the icons (sa)ve, e-mail and print) that appear in Internet Explorer when you leave the mouse on an image long enough. Any help ? Thanks Simon
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