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  1. Problem solved.... As webmaster for several non-profit websites managing dozens of email accounts and forwarders, I totally forgot to check for a forwarder on my own domain.
  2. I had a six year old email account (myname@****) which after an unending stream of spam, I set it up to automatically deliver new messages to my Gmail inbox (and theoretically rid myself of spam). After still being deluged with spam a year later, I gave up and several months ago deleted the the email account and all related files through the C-panel, and then deleted all information related to the account from my Gmail settings. Several months later, I am still receiving email sent to this now deleted email address in my Gmail inbox. This includes test email I have sent from another account. How is this possible? and how do I get it to stop? Gmail tells me there must be an account (there isn't) and I need to go back to my host. Thanks
  3. I have been using TCH for a few years, but right now I am helping out a non-profit with their site. I am looking at TCH as a host for the non-profit, and will be transferring their site and domain. But before signing up, I have a question on email forwarding. The organization has about 25 email accounts for which the recipient changes on an annual basis. We don't want to change the email address (example: treasurer@nonprofit.org) but need to be able to change the forward as the responsible party changes. Typically, we have had the recipients set up web-based accounts specifically for their emails for the organization (to keep their personal in-boxes less cluttered). I have been able to see in the forums that email forwards can no longer go to AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc... But it looks like we can still have forwarding to gmail accounts? Can you confirm? I am concerned that gmail may join the ranks of the others and then we are left without many options.
  4. Thanks! I just made the change... Glad to know it was just a matter of a setting on my end.... I will follow up if I have any further issues with this.
  5. I am hoping this is the right place for this post, if not, please let me know. I have had my PixelPost based photoblog (24gotham) hosted on TCH for nearly two years, and I am consistently getting emails from readers about not being able to see the thumbnails of the images in their RSS feed. I have searched nearly everywhere for an answer, and it was brought to my attention that the issue may be that my host is blocking them. Every time I tested it, things looked fine. Finally in further testing, I discovered what my readers are speaking of. The thumbs work do just fine if you click on the RSS Feed link on my site. The links to the images also work fine... But if you add this to your reader and comeback anywhere from a few hours later to the next day, the functionality disappears (when you left click on the icon, you get a forbidden message). All you get is text... And when you click on the link for the promary image, the following error comes up: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /images/20090326184440_24gotham_20090320_0712.jpg on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request" What gives TCH Folks? I have other folks photoblogs on my reader and never have any troubles. Does TCH block the thumbs in my RSS feed? If not, does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for assistance.
  6. Thanks, both of you... I changed my config.php file to reflect "24gotham.com", but still cannot access my Awstats. I log in and instead of the error page, I just get a blank page, when I reload the page, it is still blank. I checked in both Firefox and Safari. I also confirmed my log on info, and checked to make sure I can still access Awstats from my cPanel (which I can). Again, any assistance is appreciated. Thanks...
  7. Hello, Another newbie here... After searching on this topic, I found this thread about setting up direct access to Awstats... I have done exactly as described, but no Viola! for me. First off, I am running Mac OSX, using Firefox. (Shouldn't make a difference, but one never knows.) After downloading the Awstats Access file, unzipping it, and then uploaded the Stats folder to public_html, (/public_html/stats) I went into the stats folder and did my editing in config.php as described. (I am not much of a computer person, but this was pretty easy.) I am pretty confident that I entered my username, password, cpnlusername, and cpnlpassword correctly. >$username = "myusername"; /* used to access this utility */ $password = "mypassword"; /* used to access this utility */ $site = "www.24gotham.com"; $cpnlusername = "mycpanelusername"; $cpnlpassword = "mycpanelpassword"; When I went to log in at "http://www.24gotham.com/stats/" I get the following error page: I don't know what any of this means. I am assuming I entered my site name correctly in "config.php"? Is this the error? To be sure that I am not doing it wrong, I deleted my first attempt, and started over with the same results. Any help is appreciated.
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